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Cloudia CMS

is flexible and affordable content management platform with focus on modularity and ease of use.

For general overview of the product, pricing information, newsletter subscription and more, please visit www.cloudia.cz.

If you are interested in Cloudia CMS and considering it as a base for your project, be sure to read Before you start section.

CPDN: Cloudia Platform Developer Network

is where you are right now. On CPDN, you can find all the resources you need to learn, use and adapt Cloudia CMS.

At this time, you can use guides for different user levels (being written), tutorials and showroom demonstrating real world usage of Cloudia CMS.

More resources are planned shortly, such as FAQ, issue/version tracker, or wiki.

If you are new to Cloudia CMS (and have already read Before you start), we suggest you take a deep breath and dive with us to the new, exciting world, starting right under the next header.

First Steps

  • 5 minutes overview: recommended for anyone new to Cloudia CMS, explains basic principles and terms and how the system can be used.

  • Showroom: explore several model use cases and how they can be easily implemented and managed using Cloudia CMS.

  • available soon: 30 minutes walkthrough: If you are interested in more details on how to use Cloudia CMS as web administrator or developer, this walktrough will uncover more advanced features and technical details and guide you to detailed documentation.

  • available soon: Sandbox: login to the sandbox version and take Cloudia CMS for a test drive!